Kids Plant Trees

Planting trees can save the planet from the drastic climate change that is happening today. Las Flores Community Garden has planted a fruit tree orchard in the picture above that not only provides fruit, but improves the local water, air, and soil. Many school yards are treeless with shadeless playgrounds and parking areas. Planting trees is a valuable way to connect students with the outdoors, while benefiting the local environment. Trees produce clean water, naturally filter air, and regulate our climate. Trees planted around the school provides beauty, summer shade, winter warmth, plus storm water and wind protection. Kids can be apart of projects to bring trees, edible gardens, and wildlife habitats to their school. 

Trees remove pollution from the atmosphere improving air quality and human health. One tree breathes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and breathes out enough daily oxygen for 4 people. Trees also provide nesting places for birds and habitats for wildlife. Students can plant trees and learn in a practical setting about science and nature, observing the trees grow, the seasons change, and wildlife finding a home within their branches. Students find the trees offer a nice place to sit, read, and enjoy nature. Classes can move outdoors and study the different kinds of trees, their needs, history, and use. Students can plant fruit and nut trees around campus to provide food for snacks and school lunches. 

Communities can apply for a grant from the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program and get professional arborist help and money to select and plant the right trees in the right location. Other sources of information are the National Arbor Day Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation.


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  1. Amber Janes says:

    I LOVE seeing this! I am a transplant from Portland Oregon, where I was a Crew Leader for Friends of Trees. I would be interested in volunteer opportunities if you have any…especially like the recent Kids Plant Trees event. Currently here in S.CA I have volunteered with Food Forward and gone to meetings/lectures with the Organic Garden Club of Ventura County.

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