Kids Heirloom Apples

There are thousands of cultivars of apples. Heirloom apples are older varieties with a wide diversity of seasons, flavor, and texture, produced in open pollination, and grown in small batches that have adapted to their local environment. Warmer winters and cooler summers in Washington State has made it the largest producer of apples nationally. However, kids can find an organic heirloom apple tree that grows well in their climate at a local nursery. Kids can grow apple trees in the school garden, the backyard, or in a planter box of rich organic soil on the patio by choosing a variety and dwarf rootstock that is hardy in their climate. To grow fruit, the apple rootstocks need to grow eight years, to experience cold weather in the winter, and to cross pollinate with another apple tree. A locally grown heirloom dwarf apple tree rootstock can be planted in a container and do well on sunny patios, balconies, and roof tops.

Apples are nature packed for the perfect energy rich, on the go snacks for kids. Kids can eat the skin of an organic apple as the apple skin contains a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells and lowers cholesterol. Some apples are better for eating fresh, like Red Delicious or Gala, some are better for baking, like Granny Smith or Golden Delicious, some are good for storing, like Fuji or Rome, and others are best for juicing, like Cider apples. Apples range in flavor, as sun, temperature, and harvest time affect their taste. To bake the best apple pie, kids can mix their favorite tart apple with their favorite sweet apple. A fall harvest of organic home grown apples is a Super Food snack for kids.


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