Kids read Food Labels

When kids go to the grocery store with their folks, they can make a game of reading all the different labels on fresh and packaged foods. In the produce section, kids will find labels saying “USDA organic” and “local”, which means this produce was grown on certified organic farms in the local county. Organic farming practices build healthy soil that is non GMO and free of chemicals that can pollute nearby waters or poison wildlife. Rich organic soil contains many kinds of bacteria that help plants grow.  Locally grown produce is fresher and uses less fossil fuels to get the food to market. “All Natural” food labels contain no human made ingredients, but they are not organic and may contain GMO products. 

To discover that cooking fresh organic produce from scratch is the healthiest and most delicious way to prepare food, kids can check the “Nutrition Facts” food label on the packages of processed food. It tells how many servings are in the package, how many calories are in each serving, and how much nutrition this food provides. Kids can also check for the ‘Use by Date”, chemical additives and preservatives, allergy advice, and cooking times.    

When kids grow their own organic veggie garden, they not only get healthy organic food, but they discover their connection to the natural world around them.


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