Kids Good Cooking Habits

Some families set aside one day a week for kids to join their parents in planning and preparing a meal. Kids think its fun to chose a recipe, check the pantry for the ingredients, visit the market with their folks, and harvest the fruit and veggies from their organic backyard garden. First kids can read the recipe carefully all the way through. Then they can find and organize the tools, equipment, and ingredients on the counter before cooking. Use what is called for in the recipe as the slightest change can cause problems, especially in baking. Start with all fresh local organic ingredients and cut the veggies uniformly so they will cook evenly. 

Always plan 15 minutes to preheat the oven fully and position the racks in the oven as directed. Also preheat pans on the stovetop, as the temperature of the cooking surface drops when food is added. Kids can check the doneness of their dish 5 to 10 minutes before the recipe says the food will be done as oven and stovetop temperatures vary. Taste and season the food throughout the cooking process and taste again before serving to adjust the seasoning. Some times kids need to look up words or techniques in the recipe they don’t understand or ask for help. A good cook is always learning. Kids find even the simplest cooking tasks can be fun and they get a feeling of accomplishment and pride in preparing a meal their family enjoys.


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