Kid Chef Chickpea Kale Stew

Kids can make this powerhouse meal, inspired by a Spanish stew, which is flavored with punches of garlic, cumin seed, and tomatoes. Kids can cook ½ cup of dried organic chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and ½ cup of organic brown Basmati rice in separate pots. Together, chickpeas and rice contain all the essential amino acids for a complete protein. Kale is a superfood, rich in antioxidants, fiber, and heart healthy nutrients. 

In the bottom of a large pot, pour 1 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil and ½ cup organic red onion and cook 3 minutes, add 2 minced organic garlic cloves and 1 tsp cumin seeds, and cook 3 more minutes. Add a 14.5 oz can of organic diced fired roasted tomatoes and 2 cups of chopped organic kale and simmer 7 minutes. Stir in the cooked chickpeas and rice. Add fresh sprigs of chopped rosemary, thyme, and parsley, 1 tsp harissa, ½ tsp sea salt, and a dash of cayenne and simmer 5 minutes. This tasty hearty  stew is a family favorite, as well as organic, gluten free, and vegan.

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  1. sebby holmes says:

    Wow it ticks all the boxes and looks amazing too. Thank you for sharing 👍

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