Kids go to Nature’s Pantry

Going to the veggie garden is like having Christmas every day! When kids grow their own organic raised bed garden, they always find something growing and can connect with the wonder of Nature, planting, harvesting and cooking. As the seasons change, kids can eat magical ingredients fresh picked from the tree, plucked from a shrub or bush, or dug from the ground. Eating local seasonal organic food, protects the environment, reduces climate change, supports local economy, and preserves heirloom varieties of plant foods. Freshly picked at peak harvest fruits, veggies, and beans from the garden have superior flavor, texture, and beneficial nutrients. As kids tend their gardens, they explore the natural qualities of plants, insects, and wildlife bringing them closer to the cycle of life. 

In the fall, kids can harvest lots of tender veggies and turn them into salsas, pickles, and sauces. Local organic in season fruits and veggies not only taste the best but are the highest in nutritional value with no processing, shipping, or toxic chemicals. Kid Chefs can cook just picked local seasonal ingredients with surprisingly complex flavors using simple recipes, like roasting veggies in organic extra virgin olive oil and sea salt in the oven. Fall trees are laden with apples and pears for kids to pick and make pies, jams, and crumbles. Kids can bake with berries, pitted fruits, or pumpkins based on what is ripe in the garden. Any produce that isn’t used by the end of the season, kids can freeze, preserve, can, and bake. The closer a food is to having been harvested the more powerful its content of textures and nutrients. Food picked fresh from the garden tastes the best and is effective in combating disease and improving the health and wellbeing of the family.


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