Kids Garden Sustainability

Kids can grow an abundant organic regenerative raised bed garden without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and help turn around the the crisis in the world’s soil health, fresh water availability, air quality, and human health. Living organic soil is the womb of nature and feeding it pure water, lots of compost, and red wriggler worms gets the best results. 

After World War II chemical factories began to produce nitrogen fertilizers, which is the main reason for the increased concentration of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.  These chemicals are now a threat to human health, marine life, wildlife, and the world’s environment. At the same time, chemical factories created toxic pesticide compounds, which came into widespread and ever increasing use and has caused considerable damage to wildlife, insects, birds, and the entire food chain. Every year billons of tons of topsoil is eroded by wind and water, especially where there is deforestation and the damaging and degrading effect of conventional farming practices. 

Kids can add more compost and mulch to their garden to enrich the soil. More organic matter, like compost, in the soil will hold more water, making growing plants more resilient to drought. Kids can plant cover crops in their raised beds for a season to revitalize the soil with natural nitrates. In the picture above, the dog is enjoying eating the cover crop planted in the raised bed for soil enrichment. Other organic gardening techniques for sustainability are rotating crops, interplanting crops, and planting hedgerows, wildflowers, and native plants in the garden area. Kids can encourage the recovery of bat, toad, and bird populations, which can improve pest management and create habitats for these garden partners, providing water in ponds, bird baths, and butterfly puddles. By composting and planting wildflowers and native plants that are home and food for wildlife, kids can help create a balanced ecosystem. 


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