Kids in the Community Garden

Kids blossom in the Community Garden, where various garden projects help kids to learn where their food comes from and to develop healthy eating habits. Community Gardens are springing up across the country, where kids can experience the miracle of life by growing their own delicious organic food. In the picture above, garden neighbors, Ann and Jimmy, harvested abundant carrots and shared with 8 year old Jonathan, who has been growing veggies in the Community Garden for five years. Jonathan immediately ate his carrot! Gardening gives kids a sense of responsibility and pride, being able to produce quality food and share with others. 

Local Community Gardens are outdoor classrooms, where kids can learn history, science, and math with practical applications, as they taste, touch, and ingest the lessons. Pointing kids to the joys of growing and cooking their own food instills positive eating habits, leadership skills, and better attitudes.

Community gardening improves the quality of life, not only producing delicious organic food, but regular exercise and neighborly good will. Gardening is great exercise and kids enjoy it. They like picking and eating fresh organic fruits and veggies while standing in the garden. Kids also like to help the other gardeners in their community. As kids help long time gardeners, they learn which is the best variety of organic heirloom seeds for their climate and how to grow the veggies they planted.

Community gardens improve the environment in their area with the organic practices of erosion control, conservation of biodiversity, increased organic compost, and carbon sequestration. A 10’ x 20’ plot can feed a family top quality organic produce with surplus to share at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the store. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the number one habit for healthy living. Growing food in a community garden, kids can put food on the table, improve their health, improve their environment and boost their morale. 

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