Kids Compost

Composting is the organic method to create healthy soil by increasing the organic content of the soil. Compost improves the soil’s texture, drainage, and fertility. Compost provides nutrients, moisture, and habitat for a large range of beneficial life forms, such as bacteria, fungi, insects, and worms that help create rich organic soil. Compost is food for the plants’ roots and contains natural antibiotics that enhances plants resistance to pests and diseases. Compost improves soil structure, retaining more water and giving roots room to grow. When used in organic regenerative farming, compost is planet cooling as it aids in carbon sequestration.

Kids can make terrific food for their organic veggie garden by making a garbage pail compost in the shade near their raised bed veggie garden. First drill 15 to 20 evenly spaced holes in the sides and bottom of a 32 gallon container. Kids can fill their compost pail by layering fresh green plant scraps with brown dry leaves and shedded cardboard; add vegetable kitchen scraps, fresh grass clippings, and coffee grinds; add another layer of dry leaves; and moisten with a little water. Put the lid on the pail and fasten it with elastic cords or duct tape attached to the handles. Tip the pail on its side and roll it around to thoroughly mix the contents. Roll the pail daily for at least two weeks. Every 3 or 4 days, kids can open the lid and stir the contents with a turning fork, add a little water, and let it cook. When the heating subsides, roll the pail for one more week, then set it aside to cure for two weeks. Kids can add a trowel full at a time of their organic compost into the soil of the garden containers every few weeks to feed the soil and grow veggies rich in nutrients.


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