Kids plant by the Sun and Moon

Both the sun and the moon affect tides in the ocean and growth in the garden. Kids can get a sense of their place in the universe when they watch the moon phases and seasons change, and see how the plants and trees follow the rhythm of the season. People have been planting by the seasons, the sun, and the moon for thousands of years.

If the weather is right, kids can plant veggies that grow above the ground two nights before the new moon and they will notice a spurt of growth in the new planting due to the gravitational effect of the moon. Kids can plant by the sun and find a sunny break in the weather in February that dries up the ground enough to plant early spring crops. On a sunny day in the third quarter of the moon, when it is waning, kids can plant root crops and transplant starter veggies for the roots to get a gravitational boost. Weather permitting, when the moon is getting bigger the air is coolest and the soil is warmest, making it easier for young roots to establish themselves. In the fourth quarter of the moon’s cycle, kids can hoe, fertilize, and weed the garden.

Kids can feel connected to their plants by talking to their veggies while nurturing them, and the plants can benefit from the carbon dioxide kids breathe out while talking. Everything in nature has a relationship with everything else. Some people have garden parties during the full moon with music and dancing in the garden. These musical vibrations produce movement in the plant cells to create more protein and nutrients. The plants grow with these human interactions creating stronger and healthier plants. It has been proven that plants respond positively to the vibrations of music, communication, and joy in the garden. 

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