Kids cook with Leeks

Leeks are easy for kids to grow in their organic raised bed gardens. Kids in California can plant them in the fall for a late spring harvest. During the growing season, kids need to mound compost and mulch around the plant to create the long white portion that is good to eat, as the sun turns the stalk green. They do not store well and should be eaten soon after harvesting.

Most alliums, like garlic and onions, need to be dried and cured for two weeks, as in the picture above. But the leeks, shown in the basket, can be refrigerated and used right away.

Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, leeks contain many health giving properties, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients and cardiovascular flavonoids. Leeks have a delicate onion flavor and are particularly good in soups where they create a delicious creamy texture, like in Kid Chef Mushroom Potato Soup. Leeks are also yummy raw in salads, such as Kid Chef Red Potato Salad, sweeter than onions with a mild crisp taste. They have been eaten and enjoyed in Europe for thousands of years.


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