Kids set the Table

Modern hectic lifestyle has eroded family meal traditions. Table manners can help create that special environment for parents and kids to show gratitude and respect for the meal. How we experience food in our homes and environment, changes our bodies and our metabolic process.

When kids grow an organic backyard veggie garden, they are excited to eat what they have grown. Kids can pick their produce at the height of freshness and add it to the menu. Kids can wash the vegetables and gather the bowls, pots, measuring cups, and set the table. Instead of eating out of cardboard boxes with plastic forks, kids can use their grandparents plates, bowls, and glasses to create a sense of occasion, on reusable, durable, and lovable tableware, which gives structure to a meal and can lift the spirits when the family eats together. Plus, old plates and glasses are smaller than the supersized versions today.

Kids can help plan a menu, make a shopping list, and prepare a dish. Kids can discover that homemade meals made with organic veggies from the garden are yummy and fun to prepare with the family. The joy kids find sharing in the meal preparation can bring positive eating habits, laughter, and open communication. Family mealtime can bring beauty, value, and meaning to everyday life for both parents and kids. 


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