Kids Eat Plants

When kids plant an organic raised bed veggie garden in their backyard or community garden, they want to eat what they have grown…often while standing in the garden. Many kids see animals as soulful, sensitive, aware beings with individual personalities and don’t want to be responsible for their suffering and death. These kids don’t want to eat meat and decide to be vegans or vegetarians. 

The cruel treatment of animals on factory farms and slaughter houses has caused many people to cut back on their meat consumption. Because 75% of all agricultural land around the world is used for livestock production, cutting global meat consumption in half could free the farmland to grow fruits and veggies for people and end world hunger. 

Kids get good exercise in the garden, a feeling of accomplishment growing food for the family, and an uplifted mood from rooting about in the soil. Everyone agrees that eating rainbows of brightly colored fresh organic fruits and veggies are powerful boosts of nutrition and the magic secret for all around health. Mixing the different fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes fresh from the garden brings together all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body needs. Kids are excited to learn to cook what they have grown. 

Many kids today are concerned about climate change, and families have cut back on meat eating to save the planet. Meat production makes more greenhouse gases than all the planes, trains, and cars in the world, because cows and sheep burp methane and poop nitrous oxide. 

Pointing kids to the joys of growing and cooking their own food instills positive eating habits, leadership skills, and better attitudes. Kids can avoid all the poisons and unhealthy additives of processed food and conventional farming when they grow an organic veggie garden. Organic gardens pull carbon dioxide out of the air and put back oxygen, filtering air pollutants and recharging groundwater. Organic farming reduces global warming and improves the air, water, and soil. Replacing processed food with super food from the garden, kids can turn the tide on the alarming rise in childhood diabetes, obesity, and life threatening food allergies. Many kids today are deciding to eat mostly plants to stop the suffering of animals, to heal from a disease, and in response to climate change. 


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  1. Diana I would love to speak with you about a plant foraging idea I have been working on. On my blog I discuss edible weeds and plants that grow wild or can be planted in your yard. Such as garlic mustard (wild) and hostas (planted). My kids and grandkids kids love the knowledge and share factor of eating from the wild. Thank you. I LOVE your blog!

    1. Native American friends in Ventura County are giving classes in foraging in our wild places and preparing delicious dishes!

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