Kids Find Health in the Garden

Everything is connected, and the world reflects the consequences of our choices! How about planting an organic edible garden where you live today? Now is the time to get back in touch with Nature! Gardening boost our immune systems in several ways. Here’s what this means to you: you get low-impacted physical exercise, better sleep, reduced stress, exposure to beneficial bacteria, and healthful homegrown food. Being outdoors in the sunshine gives you Vitamin D and increases your levels of serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine.

Harvesting fresh organic produce from your garden is the healthiest choice you can make. Processed foods, refined frozen meals, and fast foods stimulate dopamine, the brain’s pleasure neurotransmitter. Certain pre-made foods contain chemicals that cause addictive cravings that are quite similar to the cravings of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. One in four Americans eat fast food every day and 20% of American meals are eaten in the car. Much of the world’s economy depends on this addiction. As it causes health issues, the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry benefit; meanwhile our doctors are attending educational seminars sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Some of these prescription drugs are addictive and cause aggressive and irrational behavior. 

If we grew organic edible gardens where we live and eliminated processed foods that cause health problems, many powerful food corporations, agricultural conglomerates, and drug industries would collapse. Organic gardening improves the soil, air, and water of the garden, as it uplifts the spirit, awakens the mind, and recharges the body of the gardener.


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