Kids make Seed Tapes

Make tiny seed planting easier with this simple tool. Tiny seeds, like lettuce or carrots, can be evenly spaced on biodegradable paper, like toilet paper. These seed tapes can be prepared in advance and stored for when the season and soil are ready for planting. Then just roll out the seeds on the soil for perfect spacing every time.

Kids can unroll the toilet paper in 12 inch strips or the length of the garden area to be planted on a work table. Fold the paper in half to mark the center, open it, and lay it flat. Mix equal parts flour and water to make a thick paste in a small cup. Set a ruler on the center fold, measure and use a paint brush to dab dots of the flour water paste in a line to mark the distance the seeds should be planted apart from each other.

Carefully place one or two seeds on each glob of paste. For very small seeds dip the back end of the paintbrush into the paste and use it pick up the seeds and attach them to the paper. Label the seed tape. Continue making as many seeds tapes as you need to fill your garden beds. Allow the paper to dry throughly. Kids can roll the seed tapes on an empty toilet paper roll when they are dry and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator with a tag telling the name of the seed and how deep to plant it.


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