Cooking Magic for Kids


Kids Garden Owl

Owls are garden friends at the Las Flores Community Garden, where two owl nest boxes were built on strong posts along the fence, as in the picture above. Owls are great hunters of rodents and help keep mice, rabbits, and…

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Kids Wildlife Habitat

Kids can be responsible stewards of the earth by starting in their own yard. Creating a sustainable landscape with low water usage and low maintenance where we live is an attainable goal. Ninety percent of insects are beneficial and aesthetically…

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Kids Garden Notebook

Kids can learn something about math, science, nature, art, and music when they grow an organic garden in their backyard, patio, or balcony. Keeping a garden notebook is a fun way to discover clue after clue about how nature works…

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Kids Native Butterfly Garden

Kids can create a butterfly garden with beautiful native flowers that are the specific plants for food and shelter for butterflies and caterpillars in their backyard. The main food of adult butterflies is nectar from red, orange, yellow, blue, or…

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Kids Garden Bird Bath

Kids can invite birds to their organic veggie garden to eat thousands of pesky insects, aphids and bugs that could destroy their plants. Kids can use unglazed terra cotta pots to create a colorful bird bath. Kids can get 3…

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Kids Gourd Birdhouse

Early Native American kids hung gourds in the tree branches for the birds. Birdhouse gourds are the perfect size for swallows, wrens, and chickadees, hung in a tree or under an overhanging roof 10 feet off the ground where it…

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