Cooking Magic for Kids


Kids Permaculture Food Forest

Unlike most backyard veggie gardens, a food forest is planted once and left to grow with little care. Kids can design their food forest by choosing certain local organic heirloom root vegetables, fruit trees, salad greens, herbs, native flowers, perennials,…

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Kids plant Flowers with Veggies

Inviting Nature to help grow the fruits and veggies makes gardening easier and more abundant with no need to use pesticides or fungicides that harm the air, soil, water, beneficial creatures, and the food being grown. Kids can add flowers…

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Kids Regenerative Gardening

Families can restore their backyards, invigorating the soil and existing plants by designing an area to hold the water in the soil, grouping plant communities together, and creating a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. The idea is to enhance…

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