Healthy School Lunch Boxes


When kids help with the planning and preparing of their school lunch box, it will be eaten rather than given away or thrown in the trash. The insulated lunch bag helps to keep food fresh and individual containers keep crispy items separate from moist, allowing kids to eat it their way. At the grocery store, kids can look for lunch box items that have the USDA Organic seal on packaged foods. According to a recent study at Emory University, the amount of toxic pesticides in children’s urine was dramatically and immediately lowered after they switched from a diet of conventionally grown food to one with organic foods. Potato chips top the list in foods responsible for adding unwanted pounds. Too much saturated fat foods impair the ability to pay attention in class while antioxidant rich foods for brain health, like blueberries, trail mix (like almonds, cashews, raisins, cranberries, and seeds) or beans can help with school work. Have your child read food labels and find the real yummy one that is healthy too, like popcorn or pretzels. Kids will finish smaller sizes of fruit and they won’t be left half eaten. Choose small apples, tangerines, bananas and plus grapes and berries for snacks and treats. Sandwiches put in containers rather than plastic baggies are less likely to be squished and unappetizing. At your local kitchen tool supply shop there are utensils available for kids to make fun sandwich shapes, like hearts or stars. Kids can put peanut butter on celery and decorate with raisins for a crunchy treat. Having an extra stainless steel wide mouth thermos for a soup or chili beans with a whole wheat bun adds a fun change and brain food to lunch. Adding a cold pack keeps cheese sticks and yogurt cool and appetizing. Kids can choose healthy additions to their lunch, such as whole grain crackers or a whole wheat tortilla and cheese or a bagel with almond butter. Surprising kids with a note, sticker, joke, or a fancy napkin can make lunch time special and brighten the rest of their school day.


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