Kids Planting Seeds


Kids can save seeds from the best plants in their organic veggie garden to plant in the spring. Kids can also get local organic seeds and advice for sowing the seeds by asking the Master Gardener at their community garden, garden club, or nursery. Kids can study seed catalogs, websites, and seed packets for detailed growing information. Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Kids need to study the packet to decide how many and which plant seeds are needed for their veggie garden. Kids want to grow the veggies their family likes the best. Kids can find the sun in the backyard, measure out the garden space and draw a garden plan in a notebook, placing and naming the herbs and veggies in their drawing. Kids can make wooden or plastic labels to put in the pots or the planter to know which seeds are planted where. The seed packet tells the number of days before the seed sprouts and is ready for harvest. Kids can study the growing requirements like how much space between plants, sun or shade heat tolerance, soil moisture, and planting depth on the seed packet. Seeds need oxygen in the soil, enough water, and warmth to sprout. Kids can place the seeds on half of a damp paper towel, fold the towel over the seeds, and place it in a labeled plastic sandwich bag in a safe warm spot. Checking every other day for signs of sprouting, kids can then plant the seedlings in moist potting soil. Kids can plant a backyard garden or herbs in a window by starting with organic potting soil and local organic seeds.


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