Kids Health Secret

Fresh organic veggies and fruit are medicine that can prevent, eliminate, and reverse disease without pharmaceutical medication and its many side effects. Growing fruits, herbs, and veggies in raised bed gardens, in pots on the patio, or in hanging planters excites kids to prepare and eat them. 

Kids can also go to the Farmers Market and buy local organic produce and persuade more farmers to grow organic. Organic farming creates healthy soil and protects our air and water resources from being contaminated. Locally produced organic food is fresher, in season, and greener, as transportation of food averages 1500 miles from farm to table and adds to the greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, conventional agriculture plays a large role in air, soil, and water pollution as synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides pollute our rivers and drinking water, and then the food is shipped to processing plants and enhanced with too much fat, sugar, salt, plus additives, fillers, and dyes.

Eating from the garden is the best health insurance. Growing an organic garden means that the nutrients in the fresh picked foods are at their highest potency, which gives kids a sustained energy for play and school. Eating a whole foods plant based diet can help kids lose and maintain a healthy weight. Eating food that grows where we live also helps with our allergies and immunities. When kids grow and cook their own food, they know that no poison has been sprayed on it and no unhealthy ingredients have been added. Organic home grown fruits and veggies are the secret to a healthy life.


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  1. Love this tip so much! ♥️

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