Kids Wizard Party

October is the perfect time for a Wizard Party! Kids can start making invitations to hand to their friends a couple of weeks before their party to give everyone time to create a wizard robe, wand, or hat. Kids can invent a Magic Treasure Hunt with Bobbing for Apples, Guessing the Food, and Pumpkin Painting for enchanted party fun.

Here are some secrets for a magic menu guests will love. Kids can prepare Sword in the Stone Fruit Kabobs with chunks of various organic fruits on a stick with a yogurt dip. Kids can heat organic apple cider with pumpkin spices and serve Merlin’s Spicy Hot Cider to drink. To make Wand Pizza, kids can make square pizzas from organic pizza dough and cut them in wand-like pieces. Guests can add their own toppings before they go into the oven. For dessert, kids can make Lemon Star Sugar Cookies with magic sprinkles. Kids can create this wizard party for their friends this October and have a spirited celebration!


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