Kids Plant a Victory Garden

Gardens are magical places to keep grounded in these challenging times. When kids grow an organic veggie garden, they want to eat what they grow. 

Now is the time to plant a Victory Garden filled with fruits, veggies, herbs, and berries! Being in your organic raised bed veggie garden is a solace for the soul! In an organic garden, the soil is alive with microorganisms, mycorrhizal fungi, worms, and insects! Organic gardeners do not use herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or till the soil and destroy the life that sustains the plants. We feed the soil with organic compost from our garden bin. We benefit by the soil microbes called mycobacterium vaccae that are found in healthy soil and make kids feel happy and relaxed when they are gardening. These antidepressant microbes in the soil have been found to improve cognitive functions, lower stress, and lift moods. 

Pointing kids to the joys of growing their own organic food instills positive eating habits, leadership skills, and better attitudes. Plant fruit trees, berry bushes, and raised bed veggie gardens and create a Paradise.


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