Teen Yoga for Pain Relief

Instead of taking opioids, many teens are choosing to do yoga for pain relief. Teen yoga classes are now available at City Recreation and Park Departments, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and Teen Centers. Yoga is a proven treatment for back, knee, neck, and hip pain, as well as rehabilitation from surgeries. Yoga uses movement, breath, relaxation, and meditation to free the body from the grip of chronic pain. Teens can find peace of mind and body with yoga instead of becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

Food is medicine. Teens can shift from the conventional American diet of processed foods filled with too much salt, sugar, fat, chemicals, and preservatives and find healing within weeks of eating organic fruits and veggies fresh from the garden. Good health starts in the kitchen with home cooked meals made from whole organic food, instead of factory-made food-like substances. Many foods are natural painkillers: Garlic (earache), grapes (back pain), cloves (toothache), apple cider vinegar (heartburn), ginger (dizziness), cherries (joints), turmeric (chronic pain), tomato juice (leg cramps), peppermint (muscles), pineapple (stomach), horseradish (sinus), and blueberries (urinary tract). Instead of taking more pharmaceutical drugs, teens can go to the “Farmacy” at the Farmers  Market or grow their own organic fruits, herbs, and veggies at home or in a community garden.

Yoga practices are tools to help create new healing habits of mind and body and heal the pain of injuries and illness. Yoga training teaches teens deep relaxation and how to release muscle tension, pain sensitivity, stress, and anxiety. Simple basic movements have been shown to reduce pain and restore physical health and function.


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