Kids grow Carrots


Thousands of years ago kids in the Middle East were enjoying the delicious crunch of red, yellow and purple carrots. Kids are excited to pull up the carrots from their organic container garden to discover how long these root veggies have grown. Kids need a very deep container with rich organic potting soil to grow carrots to give enough room for the long roots. Kids can also choose varieties that are rounded and stumpy for growing in shallow pots or grow bags. Carrots don’t like to be transplanted. Kids can sow carrot seeds with leeks, as both have strong scents that drive away each other’s pests. Thin the seedlings so that they are three inches apart. Kids can harvest carrots one at a time when they are young and sweet. Kids can grow organic Heirloom Carrots that come in rainbow colors, such as white, purple, red, yellow, green, as well as the common orange ones. All varieties of carrots are rich in antioxidants, like beta carotene and lutein, and support heart and vision health. Over 80% of the carrots grown in the U.S. come from California. Organic carrot tops are yummy in salads and soups and organic carrots should be scrubbed not pealed as an abundance of nutrients are located in the skin. By staggering the sowing times in biweekly intervals, kids can harvest carrots throughout the summer and fall. Kids think carrots are yummy raw, steamed, roasted, in soups, casseroles, and cakes!


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