Kids work with Nature


Kids discover that organic veggie gardening is more than gardening without artificial chemicals. It is gardening with nature. Kids can grow an organic fruit and veggie garden and benefit by the trace elements and minerals in their garden produce as well as vitamins that have not been lost in the processing, storage and transportation of food. Kids can learn to enhance the natural cycle of fertility and create a biodiversity in their garden saving heirloom seeds to provide genetic variety for the future. Kids can reduce their carbon footprint by growing their food and reducing transportation pollution and congestion. Kids work with nature by recycling their food and garden wastes into compost to feed the soil. Kids can plant native plants to attract pollinators and repel pests. Pesticides often make the situation worse and kill the beneficial life in the garden. A well-structured soil is full of life. Kids can feed and support the soil, rather than the plants, as nutrient enriched suppresses soil-borne pests and diseases. For the best results, kids can plant in certain locations in the garden that are shadier or moister or have the particular conditions that plant likes. A natural ecosystem is not a monoculture. Growing a good mixture of plants and inter-planting them will attract a wide range of insects and organisms that keep the soil balanced and disease free. Kids can work with nature and with planning can maximize the harvest in their organic veggie garden with less effort.


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  1. J smale says:

    i actually read this report and it was so informative.

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