Kids Fiber-Rich Foods

Kids that eat a high fiber diet are less likely to be overweight, have diabetes, stomach cancer, or heart disease. Fiber is a group of carbohydrates that comes from plants which are not broken down and used by the human digestive tract. Fiber fills the stomach and helps push food through the digestive system. 

There are different kinds of fiber: moisture holding fiber, insoluble fiber, gas producing fiber, and fiber less likely to be gassy. Some types of insoluble fiber are easily fermented by the bacteria in the colon, making them more likely to provoke gas, like beans, cabbage, and peas. Foods with more soluble fiber, like cooked grains, beets, and carrots, are softer and pass through the stomach and digestive system quickly. For a healthy diet, kids can eat different types of fiber rich foods, chewed throughly and eaten in relatively small portions.


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